10 Food Insta's You Should Be Following

Social media; the digital bulletin board everyone’s crazy relatives hijacked in years past, turning a fun college student networking website into a cesspool of opinions and oversharing personal information that would make the shameless blush. For me social media is merely the escape my eyes take when my bowels are engaged and/or my brain wants to take a timeout from thinking. I have never been addicted to drugs or even thought twice to do them a second day in a row, but now the apps and websites are opiods for my ego. Channeling my inner Hunter S. Thompson I use Instagram as a creative outlet, cutting up digital cocaine lines as I fire up the next app; using a swipe of the finger to snort up line after line of big butts, food and landscape photography. My brain wanders during these social media binges watching people searching for likes with transparent posts for sympathy. I cringe and swipe forward without liking the post, not unlike rolling my windows up, locking my doors when I approach a panhandler in a distant intersection hoping to not make accidental eye contact. I am not beyond this gross behavior, I am often über aware of it and am working to substitute this serotonin boost through more traditional means, hardcore drugs.

I have gained a keen eye for the best of the best, making mental notes, following, unfollowing, refollowing and liking thousands of food accounts over the year(s) I have deemed these ten accounts the best follows in the food universe:

#SaltBae (Nusret Gökçe )

After going viral in January of 2017 for modeling the most debonair way one can salt a steak, #SaltBae has done nothing but open restaurants, print money and crank out pull-ups in empty jungle-gyms at 2 am. No one has said more while seemingly saying nothing at all.

Le Bernardin

Possibly the most no nonsense restaurant account out there. As professional and polished as the restaurant itself, you wont see any selfies or bullshit other than what they are selling.

Tzurit Or

I am slightly biased in putting Tatte bakery’s founder on this list, my first apartment in Brookline (MA) was not far from the original location. Ironically enough I couldn’t escape the wake of the powerful Tatte as another one was opened near my second apartment. There are not many Instagram follows out there that I find more interesting on a week to week basis. The modern day Carmen San Diego, this baker is all over the map baking some of the most appetizing things you’ll ever see.

Claire Saffitz

The food magazine I grew up reading continues to put out some of the best content. I was going to have the Bon Apetit account on here but the brains behind the operation are putting out great posts that can’t be ignored. Claire is one of my favorite chefs to watch demo new recipes and her photography ain’t to shabby either.


I am a fan of most if not all of the personalities over at Bon Apetit. My ADD has me check out of most YouTube videos after sixty second however I break that rule when Brad Leone makes an appearance on a video. I don’t know much about Brad but he could possible be the love child of Tyler Florence and Chris Pratt’s character from Parks & Recreation, Andy Dwyer. I wouldn’t say his Instagram game is worthy of a Top 10 nod however hes an american treasure no doubt.

The Art of Plating

A great content Instagram; this account is not only aggregating photos from the web but working with cooks to bring you in the kitchen action.

The Hungry Tourist (david dudi)

You had me at gyoza, this real life tour guide takes you on a Insta-tour of some wildly extravagant restaurants in Tokoyo. Consult with ya doctor to check your cholesterol levels because these meals are not for the lighthearted. Whether it’s foie gras or kobe beef, try to not drool all over your screen while you watch chefs cook up some show stopping meals.

Minimalist Baker (DAna Shultz)

I will never be a full-time vegan but it doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the impossible task of making me want to push my steak aside for a few vegetables. Dana is a great photographer and I appreciate her Instagram stories that run through her process in creating a recipe. She has a few cookbooks available if you want to support this earthy crunchy food magician.

Jake Cohen

There is a skill to making food look appetizing and Jake is a master at it. By trade he is a food critic, I am not only jealous but hopeful he can help me find a free meal in New York City in exchange for this great honor.

Natural Ella (Erin Alderson)

The best part might be the photography but the recipes are not lacking. I have a sister who suffers from vegetarianism that I will be gifting a cookbook of hers, and don’t worry the surprise is not at risk as she is also allergic to reading anything I write.

Josh Niland

One of the best (young) Chefs on the planet, Josh Niland, shares some of the mutant creatures lurking in the oceans along Sydney’s coast.