Summer Cool Down: Corn Gazpacho with Scallops

Happy 4th of July oh thy loyal readership.  Depending on your geographic location you may or may not be experiencing a heat wave, I am personally experiencing the onset of heat exhaustion.  But before I collapse in sea a sea of swamp ass and empty mineral water bottles (to be recycled of course), I was able to transcribe this recipe for those feeling the heat.

You're welcome.


Vegetable Prep


  • 8 ears of corn; reserve 1 ear for garnish
  • 1/2 cup of yellow cherry tomatoes, about 12
  • 1-2 roasted yellow peppers; peeled
  • 1 cucumber; peeled, seeds removed and 1/4 set aside for garnish
  • parsley; for garnish
  • vegetable stock

Step 1:  Cook Corn


Granted we could do the easiest method of cooking corn; removing the corn husk, silk and pop these suckers in a pot of boiling water.  While adding humidity to my sweat shop conditioned kitchen would be a great way to slim down for the beach later this week, but it isn't ideal for everyday life.  In order to escape the heat I opted to grill the corn:


The inedible silk only goes so far to the base of the corn so peeling back the husk about 3/4 of the way down allows one to rid themselves of what I like to call "corn pubes."  


Once you have given the corn a Brazilian hand wax, redress the corn pulling the husk in reverse order from the previous step and placing them upside down into a tall pot full of water.  This will allow the stalks to gain some moisture back preventing them from burning and letting the corn steam in it's natural abode.   Grilling should take no more than 20 minutes, after 15 check the corn for done-ness and remove from the grill. A great way to add a little smokey flavor is to remove the husk of one or two of the cobs, grilling the bare corn over the grill for a few minutes.

Step 2:  Grill Yellow Pepper


Do not chop the yellow pepper before placing it over a high directly onto the grill.  After the skin begins to blister and char, remove it from the grill and add it to a brown paper bag.  Roll the bag up tight and let stand for 10 minutes.  After 10 minutes the skin can easily be removed from the pepper, now you can remove seeds and stem.

Step 3:  Peel and remove seeds of cucumber

Step 4:  Puree everything in a blender


Sou Vide Scallops

Lightly vacuum seal your scallops in a bag and add into a 123°F water bath for 20-30 minutes (depending on the thickness).  Grilling scallops is difficult but not impossible, use a cast iron pan and a very low heat to sear them, warning overcooking scallops is very easy.


Remove from bag and sear using a torch, if a torch isn't available a hot pan with butter works fine.


Add to soup and garnish.  Damn girl you makin' me mad corny...