Pssst You're Basic: Garlic...Boom Roasted

Life comes at you fast.  It felt like yesterday the start of Summer was here, my pale body was peeling from forehead to the tip of my toes and the A/C was cranked down to 69 hoping that it would somehow transfer erogenous energy into my underutilized mattress.  Now we are fast approaching vest weather, my personal favorite time of year.  As man built like a marshmallow stick figure I carry all my weight in the vest region.  Vest guys like myself live for a 50° day where we can hide a few weeks of a sedentary lifestyle.

Vest weather also signifies the unofficial start of eating weather.  No longer will we live off salads, gluten-free bread and vodka sodas.  Bring on the heavy meals and IPA's.

Minus the Summer retreats we have taken a brief hiatus at TDM due to the start of a new adventure, and by adventure I mean moving down the street to a different apartment!  Once we settle in our newest TDM Lab we will be bringing the heat with a brand new (v. similar) set of recipes.

Shall we...


Step 1a:  Cut the top off the garlic head enough to expose the cloves.  Try not to remove large pieces of garlic clove and don't worry about exposing all of the cloves.  Drizzle in a few drops of extra virgin olive oil and a small pinch of salt.

Step 1b:  Take a 1'x1' square of aluminum foil, remove all air and twist off into a Hersey's Kiss like pouch tight enough to not let any moisture out but not tight enough that you won't be able to check on this while it's hot.


Step 2:  After 25 minutes check on the status of your roasted garlic, look for the color of the exposed garlic cloves to be light brown in color.  The natural paper wrapping should look slightly translucent.  Leave another 5-10 minutes based on the color of the cloves, and be wary on leaving this in for too long as it can go from perfect to burnt in a matter of minutes.

After doing this a few times you will be able to check on this based on the smell, assuming you haven't previously abused your nasal cavity.


Step 3:  Open the foil pouch, let the contents cool down for 20 minutes and proceed to squeeze the life out of the bottom of the head of garlic.  If you did the steps above correctly the little roasted cloves will pop out effortlessly.


Step 4:  Use the back of a spoon and mash your mixture into a paste.  This paste, if stored preoperly, can be refrigerated for a week and used in a wide assortment of applications.  One of my favorite uses for roasted garlic is in homemade salad dressings, it also makes a great addition to bread... or boom roasted garlic bread.