Soup SZN: Tomato Basil Soup

With the final days of (peak) soup season nearing it's aqueous end, we bring in the big guns for the grand finale.  If you are a human being, not even limiting this statement to well adjusted people or having parents that love them, you probably ate a fair amount of Campbell's Tomato soup.  The iconic can was made famous by the original Cabbage Patch Kid, Andy Warhol, in the 1960's but remained famous thanks to nightmare fuel melting snowmen commercials.  Considering the amount of salt, sugar, red dye no. 2 and unknown chemicals used in the making of the this iconic soup I decided to make my own.



  • (4) vine ripe tomatoes
  • (1) medium onion
  • (2-4) large cloves of garlic
  • (1) pint whole whipping cream, whole milk works as well for a lighter soup
  • 1/2 bunch of basil
  • 2 chicken bouillon cubes
  • water
  • salt & pepper

Roast tomatoes at 450°F for 45 minutes or until they burst.


Brown the garlic and onion, I kept the garlic whole to avoid burning and didn't bother cutting anything too small since this will all be liquid in the end.


Remove the stems and toss in the roasted tomatoes.


Remove from heat and add in the chicken bouillon cubes, cream & blend until smooth.  There are few pieces of kitchen equipment I would deem necessary an immersion blender is probably my number #1.

Add water until you reach your desired consistency.


If your taste buds are basura (trash in Spanish, multi-lingual nbd) you can substitute parsley for basil.  I throw this in last in order to not over-blend.


Bring back up to a simmer and this is ready to eat.

Is there anything else to eat this with other than a grilled cheese?  Maybe something but nothing better.